3.5 Acre Pond

Contact Us…

FYI.  Scott Halsey has been appointed Rental Chairman for the club. 

His contact number is 716-864-1223

Officers are:

  • President-John Stockschlaeder (585-409-1892)
  • Vice President-Sharon Peffers
  • Treasurer-Andrea Halsey
  • Secretary-Tom Shum
  • Membership Secretary-Dave Wrest (716-998-1548)
  • Trap-Tim Head
  • Website & Newsletter-Diane Sanfilippo   disan1@aol.com
  • Federation-Brian Krawczyk (krawczykbrian@gmail.com), Bill Taber
  • Pond-Shawn Wright;  Bob Bayliss
  • Archery-Brian Krawczyk;  Joel Andrews
  • Pistol-Dave Infanti
  • 1 yr. Trustee-Sharon Peffers
  • 2 yr. Trustee-Bill Taber  2025
  • 3 yr. Trustee-Stanley Werner  2026
  • 4 yr. Trustee-Dave Wrest   2027
  • 5 yr. Trustee-Gary Logan 2028


Appointments by the President:

  • Sargeant-at-arms: Bill Taber, Tommy Thompson (Veteran’s Info)
  • Key control-Gary Logan
  • RSO and CMP-Mike Filozof
  • Scott Halsey – Club Rental Chairman 716-864-1223

PLEASE NOTE:  Phone numbers of the Board have been removed.  Contact the President with any questions.

BE ADVISED: Someone not affiliated with the club has been contacting members, saying they are President John Stockschlaeder and soliciting for money, gift cards, donations.  THIS IS NOT JOHN.  Hang up and contact John to ask.